Extension adhesive Privilege by Filippo Sepe - Filippo Sepe

Extension adhesive Privilege by Filippo Sepe


Extension whit a application method by double side tape. Reusable!

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For the application of this system of extensions, PRIVILEGE HAIR EXTENSIONS studied a particular double-sided tape which it is possible to make extensions without using specific machineries.
A DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE (wide 4 cm) whose form guarantees an easy and dynamic application composes the STICKY DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE.
Fixing it is very easy: fingers pressing is enough.
It is possible to reuse the adhesive band, just changing the double-sided tape.

– instantaneous volume and length
– Wide colours tones
– Ideal for short/thin hair
– No use of machineries
– Easy in application and dissembling
– Reusable more times
– Available in different sizes: 40/45 cm 50/55 cm.
– Packages: 6 pieces bi-adhesive locks in natural hair of 4 cm

For producing PRIVILEGE HAIR EXTENSIONS, we only use 100% natural hair of Indo-European quality and we respect the natural direction of the cuticle.
APPLICATION METHODS: Keratin, invisible, double-sided tape, connectors, clips.
Wide colour scale with all nuances.
Our hair preparation methods do not modify hair structure and respect its natural entirety.


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