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The music ! by Filippo Sepe


Today music is a strong communication tool, because it manages to convey who we are, that we taste etc.
To achieve the purpose to put customers at ease we have to choose the right colors, the furniture, but also smells and of course the music that will be present in our salon.
As a general rule, the music should not be too high, customers do not have to shout to be heard by us.
We choose a mood music in the background.
What we do not like it at all!

This advice of Filippo Sepe one of the most famous hairstilist in the world as well as manager of many salons that have chosen and collected on a single CD the best
mood music designed just for salons and beauty salons.
Accompany guests inducing in them an unprecedented relaxation that will make them also well prepared to long waiting !!!


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